“Skeleton Dudes/Dudettes” Free Beading Pattern


  • 6lb Fireline thread for brick stitch and K.O. nylon thread for fringe
  • 11/0 seed beads (white, grey, black, and a bright color for the eyes)
  • 6/0 round seed beads (white)
  • 4mm Bugles (white) Bugles can be replaced with 3 seed beads each, which I did when making this pattern with 15/0 seed beads, instead of 11/0.
  • 26 GA wire to wire wrap the larger bead which connects the head, torso and pelvis (don鈥檛 use anything thicker, your beads will break!)
  • Heart in the chest cavity is optional! (Just replace it with grey)

Design uses brick, square stitch, fringe, and wire wrapping. So keep an eye out for those changes! I have marked where they are so it鈥檚 easier to see.

Refer to images of the completed skeleton if you have questions, or leave a comment and I will get back to you!

Pattern updated 9/26/2023!

Terms of Use:

You are welcome to use this pattern for personal or commercial purposes. You are also welcome to modify it. I only request that you:

#1) Give me some credit (mortalfemale) and link to this website: mortalfemale.com or my instagram @mortalfemale.

# 2) Send or tag me in a picture of your finished work.




  1. Hi there! I love these guys!! I’m excited to make them but I wanted to know what size bugles you use? I am not terribly familiar with them and there seems to be a bunch of different sizes available online. So please let me know. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I’m a newer beader and these directions, although free, are a little vague for me. So, just to clarify, I’m using wire in place of beading thread? Also, do I start from the head down? I know these may seem like stupid questions, but like I said, I’m a novice beader.

    1. Hi Janina, it’s okay. Everyone has been there (a beginner) and this is a rather advanced pattern! The wire is to wire wrap the larger bead that connects the head, torso, and pelvis.

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